Turns Out, TSA Employees Have A Secret Facebook Group With 18,000 People And Here Are Some Of Their Worst Vents

A few months ago, an investigation uncovered a secret Border Patrol Facebook group. The group was filled with vulgar, sexist and racist posts that were made by federal border agents. From an obscene illustration featuring Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to jokes about migrant deaths, the content left many people completely baffled. And if you think that group was bad, well, as it turns out, TSA employees are no better.

Recently, NBC Washington revealed that Transportation Security Administration employees have their own Facebook group with 18,000 current and former employees called TSA Breakroom. The employees used it to vent about their managers, coworkers and of course the travelers who, in some cases, were described as ‘idiots’. Posts were filled with hate, frustration, crudeness and racial stereotypes. While the group is no longer available, NBC Washington managed to gather some of the absolutely outrageous posts.

Even though TSA made a statement to News4 I-Team in which they stated that the page “is not affiliated with TSA” and “an employee’s off-duty internet use must not adversely reflect on TSA”, the posts clearly demonstrate problems within the institution. An audit by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General cited staff turnover, shortages, pay and “excessive use of overtime” as causes of lower job satisfaction and morale.


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