The Oath Keepers Providing Volunteer Security at Trumps Minneapolis Rally Are Itching for a Civil War

When President Donald Trump lobbed the best known for the all-white contingent it sent to provide security for a rally in Ferguson in 2015. Now, the Oath Keepers are calling for volunteers to protect Trump supportersincluding at the presidents unprecedented spike under the Obama administration. But that doesnt mean Americas militia movement has gone dormant since

Theres Never Been a Whistleblower Case Like This Before

When Congress first put together a whistleblower process for employees of the intelligence community, lawmakers probably didnt expect that it would be used to report potential misconduct by the president, but here we are. Theres a complaint by someone in the intelligence community that President Trump about Ukraine, according to The Washington Post. Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

Is This Clown Really Going to Bumble Us Into a Shooting War?

This weekends attacks on Saudi oil production were a warning sign that the always-dangerous Persian Gulf is sliding toward a set of dangers that Donald Trump is entirely unequipped to handle. The drone attacks that knocked 5 percent of global oil production offline illustrate both the emerging texture of modern warfare and the externalities that test every American president. Worst of all for both American and global security, the attack exposes Trumps shit-tier leadership for what it has always been: weak, strategically unmoored, and capricious. Donald Trumps dick-swinging tough-guy act has always had a demonstrable falsity to it, a gimcrack exterior of bluster and martial swagger that sells only to his credulous base of reality-TV-addicted cultists. International crises are measured …

How a Terrorist War Criminal Was Hunted Down

The three dozen shaken men brought before a jihadi cleric in Tabqa, Syria were sentenced to death. Al Qaeda-linked militants had captured the men, all members of the Assad regime security forces, when they took the city of Raqqa and asked the Islamic jurist for guidance on what to do with them. Now, with the sentence handed down, the militants dragged the mensoldiers, militia, and policeto a garbage dump in Tabqa and let the cleric draw first blood, which he did by stoning a man to death. The militants took the remaining captives, bound and gagged, and executed them in groups of five to six before throwing their bodies into a natural hollow at the dump. Years later, one of …