Hello, John Bolton? This Is History Calling

Is former National Security Adviser John Bolton going to sell it, or give it away? (It, of course, being his birds-eye view of the president putting his own interest, in getting an advantage in the 2020 election, over the interests of his country.)

Will he or wont he? is the drama that remains after the pause, if not the end, of House Intelligence Committee hearings into impeachment.

In a series of volleys after he wrested control of his Twitter account back from the White House, Bolton got off a tantalizing tweet Sunday in which he warned of security threats grave and growing and an election just around the corner about which it was time to speak up again. Could that be the election Trump is trying to tilt his way by holding Ukraine hostage?

You can interpret Boltons tweets as a cry for help, a feint to rehabilitate himself without actually delivering, or a tease to get back in the public eye. If the third, they are the taunts of the one aide who could blow the impeachment effort wide open.

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If hes talking, Congress is listening. Bolton could knock Republicans off one of their major complaints that most of the testimony so far is secondhand. Bolton can tell us first hand about walking out of a White House meeting where Trumps quid pro quo was discussed in front of visiting Ukrainians.

While others saw nothing wrong with the actions of Rudy Giuliani and his band of three amigos, abetted by two rogues now under indictment, Bolton called Rudy a hand grenade running a drug deal he wanted nothing to do with. He told his aide, Russia expert Fiona Hill, to take the information to the desk of NSC counsel John Eisenberg, where it died, along with that of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

Bolton doesnt cut clean. To Republicans, hes a loyal partisan with a respectable foreign policy portfolio whose mustache Trump didn't want to hire but did. They hope hes toying with Trump, who kicked him out the door, without actually turning on him.

To Democrats, he's an unrepentant hawk who hasnt met a regime he wouldn't like to topple. Already in a private speech to investment bankers, Bolton reportedly criticized the president for allowing TurkishPresident Recep Trayyip Erdogan to turn against our Kurdish allies because of his business interests in Turkey, as Trump trumpeted a fakecease fire and a Russian flag was being raised over an abandoned base in Syria.

Boltons a risk Democrats will take if it means they can have their John Dean, a one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind. In Bolton, an assistant secretary of state under the first President George Bush and an under secretary of state and ambassador to the United Nations under the second Bush, they see faint traces of an institutionalist, all but an extinct species among Trumps aides.

With apologies to patriots Marie Yovanovitch, William Taylor, George Kent, and Hill, who returned to public service to work for Bolton, hes more career foreign service official than last weeks putative star witness, donor and accidental Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, who wasnt rich enough to buy a sports franchise or media company to relieve his boredom but could afford $1 million for a cushy post in Europe.

Boltons a risk Democrats will take if it means they can have their John Dean.

The hotel man may have thought he was the one buying, but he was actually bought. With Yovanovitch smeared and pushed out by friendly fire, Sondland became Ukraine ambassador ex officio, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump Inc. However he really felt about running these metaphorical drugs for Trump, Sondland testified as if it were all a lark to convince President Volodomyr Zelensky to agree to Trumps demands of arms for dirt. Like Trumps July 25 phone call, his testimony was just perfect.

Bolton could be the break in the dam of stonewalling, a prospect so frightening to Trump that he boasted to Fox & Friends on Friday that the two had a good relationship. If Bolton comes forward, he might shame Secretary of State Mike Pompeo into following himto acknowledge that he lied when he said he knew nothing about the July 25 call, which he was actually on, or not being in the loop holding Zelensky hostage.

Maybe one man doing the right thing could wake Sen. Lindsey Graham to the sycophant hes become worshiping at the altar of Trump. Hes now turned on his old friend Biden, whom he called one of the finest public servants hed ever known and whom he comforted when his son Beau was dying. He announced Friday an investigation into his surviving son, Hunter.

Bolton is just barely young enough to anticipate a time when the Republican Party won't be a Trump plaything, despite the pressure to keep his secrets for his forthcoming book. But hes old enough to picture the first paragraph of his obituary saying he was either the man who let Trump get away with itor the witness who exposed Trump for what he is. That, more than all the other pressures on him, will propel him to the chair before the Congress filled by patriots before him.

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